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Concreting & Excavation Specialist


Concrete Leveling

Floor Levelling Sydney Ardit is a cement based self levelling and self smoothing compound used for rectification of concrete surfaces also known as concrete resurfacing. Ardit may be applied to rough and uneven surfaces in order to level a floor, build up a floor, or to match an existing surface. Ardit is a reasonably quick drying product.

Floor Levelling may not seem like an important step when putting in new flooring. However, the concrete that acts as a base for your flooring can often have high or low points that mean your concrete isn’t completely smooth. High points can be caused by concrete spills, contamination and original pour errors. Low points can be frettings, divets, holes and other damage. With Vilz, you are offered the raising or lowering of concrete height to accommodate for these high or low points, as well as fittings, adjoining surfaces and new floor materials. Vilz tradesman are also able to create falls in the concrete slab for water-proofing purposes or to direct drains.


Excavation Services

For all excavation work you need to ensure the job is in the hands of a professional with precision equipment. We are one of the leading teams who specialise in difficult access excavation, With our wide range of equipment we can fit through gates and down the sides of houses to those areas which may seem impossible to reach.

Do you have a limited access area? No Problem! With our tight access machines we are able to squeeze through areas as small as 70cm.

With various machines, we have the capabilities to handle residential work to civil projects.

We do:

  • Tight access excavation
  • Detailed excavations
  • Pool excavation and removal
  • Civil works
  • Removal of soil, rocks and rubbish
  • Landscaping preparation
  • Site clean ups
  • Ground leveling
  • Footings
  • Rock breaking
  • Boring, Drilling
  • Subgrade preparations
  • Under house excavations

Granny flats Slab

We offer a wide range of concrete slab solutions for your house slab, extension slab, granny flat slab, shed slab or other slab projects. Our team provides all services associated with the construction and destruction of concrete slabs. We’re prepared to handle any slab work from start to finish to give your project the best outcome.

Working with concrete is no small undertaking that’s why we always put safety first. We are fully licenced and insured. Also with professional consultations and ongoing support, we have developed and implemented Work Health Safety Management and Environmental Management Systems to meet all requirements. Get in touch with us to learn more.


Spraycrete & Resurface Concreting

Spray crete or spray-on concrete is the process to resurface concrete. On the Sunshine Coast, this may be decorative or just to repair concrete driveway surfaces. Basically, we prepare the surface, fixing any problems especially with Pebble Crete or exposed aggregate. We then spray a combination primer coats, base coats and finish coat as is required.

We service residential and commercial properties.
This process is also called pattern concrete, concrete coatings, spray pave, stencil concrete, decorative pattern concrete as well as spray crete.


Driveways Concreting

People don’t always associate concrete with its versatility. A mixture of cement, sand, and crushed rocks, it is durable and relatively inexpensive compared to pavers. Although somewhat costlier than asphalt or gravel, concrete is highly resilient. It can last 25 years or more and requires little maintenance.

If your driveway looks old and the surface is damaged, consider redoing it with concrete. Our concrete driveway installation contractors will assess your property and determine if a new installation or repairs are necessary. Damage to concrete includes cracks, gaps, segregation, uneven slabs, and discoloration. Sunken areas and subgrade issues can create safety hazards, but our concrete driveway repair service professionals will correct the problem, so your driveway remains functional for many years.


Shed Slab Concreting

If you are building a shed or carport and need a quality concrete shed slab around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Brisbane concreting are professional and reliable.

Resurfacing your shed slab can give it a new look and make it more aesthetically pleasing for resale value, or if you tend to spend alot of time in your shed then why not spoil yourself and let us help to turn your shed dreams into reality by installing a new concrete shed pad to get the party started!


Stencil & Pattern Concrete

Selecting a creative concrete design for landscaping your driveway or pathways can be a trying task given the choices available. At Down Right Concreting, we aim to make your decision a whole lot easier.

Pattern concrete is an ideal choice for homes and commercial centres. As the name suggests, it is a patterned concrete that can either be coloured, sprayed on or stenciled onto wet cement. It requires a hand finish and needs to be sealed up on completion for best results – all of which we undertake.

We offer ample colours and patterns to choose from, giving you a set of unique ideas for your garden, poolside, stencil concrete driveway or pathways. These surfaces are also textured, serving as anti-slip solutions when wet.


Coloured concrete

We combine an oxide component to the grey concrete at the plant to insure even coverage of finished colour. This finish is usually done in a cove pattern. The cove finish is an excellent way to create a more anti slippery surface as it adds texture to it. This finish is also sealed on completion, which helps sustain and prolong the durability of the colours used in the process.

Coloured concrete can be put to multiple uses. Apart from coloured concrete driveways adding aesthetic appeal to your exteriors, they can also be used for your outdoor entertaining areas.


Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete combines the low maintenance and strength qualities of concrete with the resemblance of traditional building materials such as pavers, brick, slate, tile, wood and stone (flagstone, sandstone, cobble).

The beauty of stamp is the use of a secondary colour on top of the base colour. The accent colour highlights the texture of the pattern and makes your concrete area blend in with its surrounds.

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